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ViaSynergy is an eLearning company based in Guernsey, Channel Islands UK. ViaSynergy designs and produces custom-made eLearning solutions to meet training needs across all industry sectors.

eLearning Areas of Digital Training

eLearning can be designed to meet generic or specific business training / learning objectives across all areas of work - in any industry. 

Here are some examples of how eLearning can meet varied business training needs for access anytime, at any location with any digital / online mobile device.

what specific employee KNOWLEDGE and skills gaps keep recurring? 

Here are some example training areas that benefit from the use of custom-designed digital modules:

  • Induction - 'Use video and animation, for example, to introduce new employees to your company and let them see the value they will add to your business.'
  • Corporate – 'Illustrate your business vision, values, beliefs, targets, strategies, policies, infrastructure, people etc. to create a collective understanding and drive.'
  • Compliance and regulatory 'Enable employees to take short, up-to-date, topical, scenario-based modules on AML rules and procedures - and use knowledge check points to keep track of employee understanding and completion.' 
  • Cyber Security -'Build up employees' cyber security awareness and fraud detection skills to protect your company from Social Engineering cyber attacks!'
  • Products and Services - 'Train sales and customer service personnel about the features and benefits of new products and services.'
  • Business strategies, processes and practices - 'Highlight how new strategies or processes will add value to the way teams work together.' 
  • Sales – 'Exemplify best sales and customer service practices, strategies and expert tips when interacting successfully (or in comparison - not so successfully) with a variety of customers.'
  • Adding value - 'Highlight key situations where each employee can add value in every aspect of their daily business life.'
  • Health and Safety - 'Illustrate the company's health and safety procedures.'
  • Specific knowledge, skill and / or behaviour development - 'Enhance employees' capabilities to do their tasks with expert levels of performance, understanding and confidence.'
  • Software application knowledge - 'Show employees a click through path of how to effectively use applications.'
  • Soft skills - 'Develop employees' management, coaching, team and client rapport-building, communication skills.'
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - 'Develop employees' knowledge of how to maintain the company's social and environmental responsibilities.'
  • Operations and Construction - '3D Modelling and animation can be used to help train engineers, operators, medical staff etc. about the inner workings of equipment, engines and mechanical parts to illustrate features, use and operability.'


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