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ViaSynergy is an eLearning company based in Guernsey, Channel Islands UK. ViaSynergy designs and produces custom-made eLearning solutions to meet training needs across all industry sectors.

Benefits of Digital Training

In short, eLearning is fun, engaging, cost-effective, personalised, customised and aids knowledge and skill retention - and it can be blended with all other forms of training.

Have a look at the main benefits of eLearning training detailed here.

17 great benefits of elearning

  1. It's fun!  - 'eLearning engages the senses and stimulates learning through doing.'
  2. Modules are short and timely! - 'In 10-20 minutes, eLearning modules can bridge gaps in knowledge, skills and / or behaviour.' 

  3. Learning is personalised. - 'Individuals can achieve specific training objectives by directing their own learning and progressing at their own pace.'

  4. Learning is in context. - 'Multimedia, such as video, can be used to bring key learning concepts and scenarios to life - in context,  for greater impact.'

  5. Learning can take place in a risk- and danger-free environment. - 'No need to worry about potential costly mistakes, damage or injury while training!'

  6. It is an effective method of conveying company messages.

  7. It can be blended with traditional forms of face-to-face Instructor Led Training and other digital training.

  8. eLearning is mobile and flexible- 'Individuals can take their training on their office computer, or while on the move - on their laptop, tablet or smartphone!'

  9. Enables employee accreditation.

  10. Enables your company to meet on-going regulatory standards.

  11. Forms part of professional development plans.

  12. Reflects knowledge, understanding and skill level of employees through quizzes and knowledge checks. - 'You can even print off a certificate!'

  13. Builds Senior Management Team trust and confidence in employee understanding and capabilities.

  14. It empowers employees with greater skills and understanding. -  'It gives them confidence, satisfaction and feelings of self-value.'

  15. It's repeatable. - 'You can repeat elements of each module and / or all of the modules as many times as you like.'

  16. It's cost effective! - 'There are no costs incurred through away training e.g. through travel, accommodation etc..'

  17. Produces a healthy Return on Investment. - 'Improved employee performance results in an uplift in business efficiencies, revenue and subsequent profits.'


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